Request for Quotations: Social Centre Public Toilets Hygiene Contract, Nikao

Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) is requesting quotes from interested Contractors or Community groups to undertake the hygiene and cleaning contract for two Public Toilet Facilities at the Social Centre, Nikao; East Block and West Block. This contract is for a period of one year commencing 11th  July 2022.

1.      Contents of this RFQ

This RFQ consists of this cover page plus:

  • Attachment 1: Scope and Specifications of Work
  • Attachment 2: Assessment Criteria

The following standards apply to this RFQ. These can be accessed online at:

  • Conflict of Interest Declaration Template
  • Standard Conditions of Quotation
  • Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

2.      Communications regarding this RFQ

All correspondence, questions and requests for site inspections relating to this RFQ must be in writing via email and directed to the Nominated Contact:

Jamie Gotty

Contracts & Procurement Specialist

Cook Islands Investment Corporation

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Email address:

During the RFQ period, respondents must not contact any CIIC staff member in relation to this RFQ, or any other person associated with the RFQ, other than the person listed above.

3.      Confidentiality

CIIC will treat all quotes in confidence. Respondents are advised that CIIC is subject to the Official Information Act 2008. CIIC cannot guarantee that information marked as Commercial – In Confidence can be protected if CIIC receives a request for information under the OIA.

4.      The RFQ Process

CIIC reserves the right to change, suspend, cancel or reissue this RFQ, or the contents of the RFQ documentation at any time. CIIC shall have no liability for any information it provides, or for any cost or loss to any respondent, in the event that this RFQ is cancelled, suspended, changed or reissued. CIIC reserves the right to negotiate without restriction with respondents after the close of the RFQ on any matter contained in the quote, without disclosing this to any other person. CIIC reserves the right to accept or reject any, or all quotes, and to cancel the RFQ process, at any time, thereby rejecting all quotes, prior to any contract being awarded.

5.      Evaluation of Quotes

Quotes will be assessed against the criteria outlined in Attachment 2: Assessment Criteria. CIIC reserves the right to clarify or request additional information from any respondent before accepting any quote and to implement additional processes to evaluate the quote. The lowest priced quote, or any quote, will not necessarily be accepted. Each respondent shall be notified in writing as to whether or not it has been successful as soon as possible. CIIC reserves its absolute discretion in the evaluation and selection process.

6.      Subject to Contract

Quotes are submitted on the basis that no binding legal relations with CIIC are created unless and until a formal written contract is signed by both CIIC and the successful respondent. The acceptance by CIIC of any quote, whether with or without negotiation, shall not create binding legal relations between CIIC and the party whose quote has been accepted or which is being negotiated with CIIC. If, in the opinion of CIIC, and at CIIC’s sole discretion, none of the quotes submitted are acceptable, CIIC reserves the right to enter into negotiations with one or more of the respondents for a satisfactory offer.

7.      Governing law

This RFQ is governed by Cook Islands law, and the Cook Islands courts have exclusive jurisdiction to all matters relating to this RFQ.

8.      Quotation contents

Quotations must comprise of the following documents and/or details:

  1. Total Lump-sum price for the whole of the works set out in Attachment 1;
  2. Relevant details/confirmation supporting the non-price attributes in Attachment 2; and
  3. A completed Conflict of Interest Declaration

Respondents can submit additional documents or information if necessary in support of their quotations.

 9.      Submission of Quotations

Quotations must be submitted by email to  

The deadline for quotations is 1PM (CI Time) 4th July 2022 (CI Date)

 10.  Key dates

Deadline for submission of quotations:Monday 4th July 2022
Indicative contract award date:Monday 11th July 2022