Aitutaki Electricity Discount

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Prime Minister Mark Brown has announced details of the continuing support being offered to Aitutaki businesses and households by electricity provider Te Mana Uira O Araura today.

Under Phase 3 of the Cook Islands National Economic Response Plan, all Aitutaki businesses that currently receive or are eligible to receive government support will continue to receive a 60 per cent discount on their electricity costs with Te Mana Uira O Araura, consistent with what businesses received from January 2021 to March 2021.

Households will receive up to a $25 discount off their electricity costs each month, for meter readings in April 2021 through to June 2021 inclusive. This is a reduction from the up to $50 credit they received each month from January 2021 to March 2021.

“The Phase 1, 2 and 3 discounts offered by Te Mana Uira o Araura are substantial for Aitutaki, where COVID-19 and the closure of the nation’s borders has had a significant impact on the economy and Aitutaki’s tourism sector in particular,” said Prime Minister Brown.

“Over a 12-month period, more than $1 million of savings is being granted to Aitutaki households and businesses by Te Mana Uira o Araura across phases 1 to 3, a truly remarkable contribution to keep the Aitutaki economy running and provide much-needed support to households.”

Acknowledging that support, Te Mana Uira O Araura chair John Baxter said the organisation was “fortunate to have received some funding from the government and CIIC to enable us to continue discounts for Aitutaki households and businesses during these challenging times”.

“I would like to extend our special thanks again to the Prime Minister, the Honourable Mark Brown, on behalf of Te Mana Uira O Araura and its Aitutaki consumers, for our government’s assistance.”

Adding to that, Cook Islands Investment Corporation chair Michael Henry said that “Te Mana Uira O Araura’s continued assistance, similar to Te Aponga Uira’s announcement recently, is an example of a concerted effort from our government, the Cook Islands Investment Corporation and its State-Owned Enterprises to support the nation and in this case Aitutaki during these unprecedented times”.

It should also be noted by the people of Aitutaki that further information on the electricity discounts will be released to Aitutaki households and businesses in the near future, although people should feel free to call the Te Mana Uira O Araura office if required.

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