Punanga Nui Market

CIIC manages the Punanga Nui Market operations on behalf of Government. The Minister of the Punanga Nui Market is the Honourable George Angene.

Located near the waterfront next to Avarua, Rarotonga’s main township, the Punanga Nui Market is the original, most vibrant market in the Cook Islands, specialising in local produce, fine fare and socialising with the community. Experience the “HEART” of Rarotonga, a friendly atmosphere, full of handcraft gifts, vibrant sarongs, fragrant “Ei Katu”. Shop for organic fruits & vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers. Catch up with friends for breakfast or brunch and try our local delicacies. Purchase a unique “Rito Hat” a “Black Pearl” or a handmade quilt.

Whilst the market, on a much smaller scale, is open Monday to Friday from 7.00am–3.00pm, Saturday is the main market day with all the stalls, shops and huts occupied with vendors, and there is the bonus of a free live ‘cultural’ show on stage! Punanga Nui Market opens 7.00am–12.00pm on Saturday.

For enquiries, please phone +682 28370.