Crown Enterprise

 The Crown Enterprise division within the Cook Islands Investment Corporation is responsible in leading governance, oversight and development of Crown Enterprises for the effective delivery of services to the Public and ensuring the sustainable improvement of the wellbeing for all Cook Islanders.

 The CIIC Group contains a vast number of entities (a total of 18), delivering its vision. The below organisation chart outlines the various entities (subsidiaries, SOE’s and Crown Controlled Entities across the CIIC Group:


A brief explanation of each entity, along with its current directors, recent milestones and upcoming milestones is provided below:

Airport Authority (AA)


Directors:  Mr Taoro Brown (Chairperson)
Ms Nancy Matapuku
Mrs Shona Mato Lynch
Mr Edward Herman
Mrs Ngapare Tatira

Chief Executive: Mr Joseph (Joe) Ngamata

The Airport Authority is governed under the Airports and Airport Authorities Act (1968-1969).  The Authority is responsible for the management of the international airport on Rarotonga and the domestic airport on Aitutaki.

The Airport Authority is recognized as a critical infrastructure asset for the Cook Islands. The Airport Authority’s vision is “to be the leading small airports company in the region” with a mission “to facilitate the safe, secure and efficient movement of aircraft and passengers”. The Airport does this through the commitment to safety standards, preservation of staff competencies and confidence in quality and safety management systems.

The Airport Authority’s vision and mission will be achieved through prudent management of our airports, being more customer focused, more effective in the provisions of services, being a good employer and benchmarking against the best in the business.


o   Ensuring ongoing safety management system compliance
o   Further capital investments such as acquiring the land needed to construct a runway end safety area (RESA)
o   Upgrading the airport storm water/drainage system
o   Rebuilding part of the Aitutaki runway strip.

Avaroa Cable Limited (ACL)


Directors: Mrs Tatiana Burn (Chairperson)
Mr Richard Williams
Mrs Miimetua Nimerota
Mr Teu Teulilo
Mr Robert Matheson
Ms Martha Henry

Chief Executive: Mr Ranulf Scarbrough

Avaroa Cable Limited (ACL) was formed to operate and manage the Cook Islands interests in the Manatua Cable project. Avaroa Cable Limited is a Cook Islands limited liability company and the implementing entity for the Manatua Cable Project. The Manatua Cable Project will connect Rarotonga and Aitutaki to a submarine fibre optic cable. The Manatua Cable will connect Samoa and French Polynesia with spurs to Niue, Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Bora Bora. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2020. ACL’s vision is “to precipitate a transformation in telecommunication in the Cook Islands through the construction and operation of the Manatua One Polynesia Cable”. In the short term, this will secure affordable, fast, resilient and reliable telecommunications in Aitutaki and Rarotonga, with a longer term vision to play a leading role in “ensuring all Cook Islands have access to world class telecommunications services and that citizens, businesses, government and the third sector all maximise the opportunity the new connectivity presents”.


o   Commercialising the Manatua Cable with capacity sales to retailers in the Cook Islands and potentially beyond
o   Tabling of the Cable Protection Bill
o   Contracting with the successful bidder for Indefeasible Right of Use Onward Connectivity (IRU)
o   Compound Project to further enhance the Cable Landing Station (CLS)

Banana Court Company Limited (BCC)

Directors: Mr Ian Karika Wilmott (Chairperson)
Mrs Mary Ann Mataiti Pirake
Mrs Vasie Ngatoko-Poila
Mr Marcel Tua

The Company manages the Banana Court commercial retail complex in Avarua.

Bank of the Cook Islands (BCI)


Directors: Ms Jeane Matenga (Chairperson)
Mr Unakea Kauvai
Mr Michael Carr
Ms Olivia Heather
Ms Kirikaiahi Mahutariki
Mrs Rebecca Wood

Chief Executive: Mrs Vaine Nooana-Arioka

The Bank of Cook Islands (BCI) is a critical financial services asset for the Cook Islands with its vision as “full service bank for Cook Islanders” and its mission as “through business transformation delivering financial services that empower customers and promote social responsibility and environmental stewardship, which serves and inspires the people of the Cook Islands”.

The Bank of the Cook Islands Holding Corporation (the Corporation) was established under the Bank of the Cook Islands Act 2003 to assume all rights and obligations of the Cook Islands Development Bank (CIDB) and the Post Office Savings Bank.

The Bank of the Cook Islands Limited (BCI) was registered under the Companies Act 1970-71 in March 2004 with the objective of providing banking services throughout the Cook Islands.  BCI is fully licensed as required by the Banking Act 2011 and operates in compliance with the requirements of the Financial Supervisory Commission Act 2003 and the Financial Transaction Reporting Act 2017.


o   Investment in new products and services, while ensuring a sustainable financial structure
o   Assessing the short and medium-term risks associated to forecast changes in the operating environment including economic conditions, competition, changing customer behaviour and expectations, and technological developments
o   Partnering with Government on delivery of various financial service action items embedded in the Economic Development Strategy over the medium to long term

Cook Islands Investment Corporation Seabed Resources
Limited (CIICSR)

Directors: Mr Alain Bernard (Chairperson)
Mr Michael Henry
Mr Philip Hermans
Mr Mark Short
Mr Kris Van Nijen
Mr Tamarii Tutangata

General Manager:   Mr Eusenio Fatialofa

The Cook Islands Government, through the Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC), and Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) entered into a Framework Agreement in 2013 with regards exploration for and possibly harvesting of Polymetallic Nodules in the Cook Islands licensed International Seabed Authority (ISA) area and the Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone.
Further dialogue ensued while GSR incorporated a branch in the Cook Islands (GSR-CI), and a formal JV Agreement (between CIIC, GSR and GSR CI) was entered into in July 2016. The JVC’s vision is to undertake science based exploration for deep sea minerals in an environmentally responsible way, where this creates a transformational shift to the Cook Islands economy, sound returns are returned to the shareholders, innovative technology is utilised and capacity is built within the sector for the future.

Cook Islands Ports Authority (PA)


Directors: Mr Samuel (Sam) Crocombe (Chairperson)
Mr William Kauvai Snr
Mr Clive Baxter
Mr William (Bill) Ingram
Mr Timaau Mokoroa
Mr Geoffrey Vazey
Mrs Maeva Henry

Chief Executive: Mr Nooroa (Bim) Tou

The Cook Islands Ports Authority (CIPA) is a Crown owned statutory corporation established in 1995. The Authority’s vision is to “Provide Effective and Efficient Seaport Infrastructure to sustain Trade and Commerce”. The principal objectives of the Authority are to promote, encourage and operate a commercially viable and efficient business in the country’s supply chain and develop growth opportunities from its asset base which include Crown land and buildings, wharves, port facilities, tug boats, barges, plant and equipment, storage sheds and open storage space.

CIPA is the sole sea port services provider maintaining and operating the Port of Avatiu, the alternative Cruise Ship Tender landing in Arorangi, and the Port of Arutanga in Aitutaki. CIPA serves the cross-border supply chain needs of most of the Cook Island’s trade goods.


o   Implementation of Ports operation digitization project
o   Completion, trialing and delivery of Avatiu Harbour new Tug boat later this year
o   Investment in a new or second-hand crane (up to 90ton) for Arutanga Port to increase lifting capacity for loading and offloading cargo and lifting barge out of the water for annual hull maintenance
o   Deepening and widening the existing Arutanga harbor channel and basin to provide safer berth for yachts, cruise ship tendering and container vessel cargo discharge operations
o   Extend the carbon footprint (GHG Emission) reporting to Arutanga Habour for the year end to 30 June 2021
o   Arutanga Harbour concrete wharf decking extension and sheet piling continue towards the north
o   Deeping Avatiu Harbour outer entrance and widening the passage

Cook Islands Government Property Corporation (CIGPC)

Directors: The Prime Minister the Honourable Mark Brown (Chairperson)
The Honourable Vaine Makiroa Mokoroa
The Honourable George Maggie Angene
The Honourable Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown
The Honourable Patrick Arioka

The Cook Islands Government Property Corporation was established by the Cook Islands Government Property Corporation Act (1969) to manage Government assets with its governing body being the Ministers of the Government. The major assets owned by Cook Islands Government Property Corporation are Government land and buildings, and equity investments.

Cook Islands Property Corporation (NZ) Limited (CIPCNZ)

Ms Caren Rangi
Mr Malcolm Sword

Cook Islands Property Corporation (NZ) Limited is incorporated under the New Zealand Companies Act (1993).  The Company owns the Consulate premises in Wellington.

Cook Islands Telecommunications Holdings Limited (CITHL)

Mr Michael Henry
Mr Tamarii Tutangata

Cook Islands Government Property Corporation is the owner of all shares in Cook Islands Telecommunication Holdings Limited.  That entity is a holding company for Government’s 40% interest in Telecom Cook Islands Limited. Control of Cook Islands Telecommunication Holdings Limited rests with the governing body of Cook Islands Government Property Corporation.

Cook Islands Broadcasting Corporation (CIBC)

Ms Caren Rangi
Mr Allan Jensen

Cook Islands Telecommunications Assets Limited (CITAL)

Mr Michael Henry
Mr Tamarii Tutangata

Telecom Cook Islands Limited (T/A Vodafone)

Ivan Fong
Naibula Saune
Madeline Sword
Temu Okotai
Phillip Henderson

Chief Executive: Phillip Henderson

The Cook Islands Government own 40% shares held by Cook Islands Telecommunications Holding Limited. The other 60% is held by Telecom Cook Islands New Zealand – Vodafone with directors being appointed in accordance with the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA). The Cook Islands Investment Corporation appoints the Cook Islands Government directors who are Madeline Sword and Temu Okotai.

Te Aponga Uira (TAU)


Directors: Mr Mata Nooroa (Chairperson)
Mr Donald Buchanan
Mr Randolph George
Mr Stuart Henry
Ms Jessie Sword
Mr Duane Malcolm

Chief Executive: Mrs Lesley Katoa

Te Aponga Uira generates and distributes electricity to Rarotonga in accordance with its mandate under the Te Aponga Uira O tumu-te-Varovaro Act (1991). TAU is a critical key infrastructure asset for Rarotonga and the wider Cook Islands. TAU’s mission is to “engage suppliers and consumers to engage confidently, while embracing the benefits of new
technologies that support a greener way of life for Rarotonga, the wider Cook Islands and its residents.” The primary function of Te Aponga Uira (TAU) is the provision of electricity to the people of Rarotonga in a reliable, safe and economical manner.

Over the past decade TAU has focused on developing generation from renewable solar energy sources. TAU also supports the Pa Enua energy infrastructure through the provision of technical advice to, Island Councils who provides electricity service to Pa Enua households and businesses.


o   Ongoing investments in both the infrastructure associated with achieving the national renewable energy (RE) target and general infrastructure
o   Reorienting TAU’s structure and resource allocation to priority areas
o   A review of existing customer tariffs with a view to expanding its product offers and utilizing price signals that encourage the achievement of the renewable energy goals in partnership with the private sector suppliers and customers

Te Mana Uira o Araura Limited (TMU)

Directors:  Mr John Baxter (Chairperson)
Mr Stephen Doherty
Mr Paul Henry
Ms Alice Hoff
Ms Janet Maki

General Manager: Mr Rimaroa (Long) Tuiravakai

Te Mana Uira o Araura (TMU) is a critical key infrastructure asset for Aitutaki (formerly Aitutaki Power Supply Limited). TMU’s vision is to “provide an efficient, reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity service for Aitutaki.”


o   Commencement of the stage 2 and 3 renewable energy project feasibility and implementation. Phase 2 is expected to generate an additional 30 per cent of Aitutaki’s electricity demand
o   Further investment in capital expenditure initiatives such as the installation of various substations and underground wiring projects
o   To develop and review of TMU’s operational policies
o   Apprentice training and succession planning initiatives

To Tatou Vai


Directors:   Mr Brian Mason (Chairperson)
Mr Sam Tauei Napa
Mr Des Eggelton
Mrs Vaine Wichman
Mr Phillip Vakatini
Mrs Ashleigh Steele

Chief Executive: Mr Tereapii (Apii) Timoti

To Tatou Vai Ltd (TTVL) was established in 2018 with a vision to have “a community-trusted supplier of water services” with a mission of “a reliable water supply that is safe to drink – improving the well being of our Cook Islands people”

TTVL has begun establishment as a Water Supply Utility for delivery of a potable and reliable water supply service (initially) in Rarotonga. TTVL is to ultimately assume responsibility for the Te Mato Vai (TMV) Project (Stages 1 and 2) assets, and incorporating the existing water and associated fixed assets of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI).  TTVL is a state-owned-enterprise, currently a limited liability company, pending the passage and assent of enabling legislation expected in 2021.


o   Adoption of Government mandated water treatment standards and protocols
o   Commencement of the water meter project in the 22/23 financial year
o   Commence of the final Rarotonga north eastern 20km sub and branch main pipe project, as scoped under the TMV project

Crown Enterprises