Infrastructure Secretariat

CIIC is the Secretariat for the Cook Islands Government Infrastructure Committee (IC).

The duties and responsibilities of the IC include:

  • Analytically consider capital proposals as submitted by crown agencies through the budget process administered by MFEM.
  • Consult with stakeholders to gauge their views or opinions. This may be done so through different mediums such as direct engagement, official interviews or through the IC secretariat
  • Considerations will be made in accordance with national medium to long term strategic goals.
  • Members of the IC provides management, governance and external opinions to build and strengthen capital proposals.
  • The IC is also responsible for ensuring that accounting, financial and risk management strategies are appropriately arranged for the success of any capital proposal seeking support.

The IC considers matters that have a significant and long-lasting effect of infrastructure on service delivery and our community.

The composition of the IC is as follows:
Chairperson – Michael Henry of Aitutaki (Private sector/community representative)
Vice Chairperson – Ben Ponia, Chief of Staff, OPM

Committee members:

Diane Charlie – Puna – Secretary, ICI
Garth Henderson – Financial Secretary, MFEM
Malcolm Sword – Private sector/community representative
Sam Brown – Private sector/community representative
Tamari’i Tutangata – CEO, CIIC