CIIC Hosts Pa Enua Executive


A lunch event put on for the Pa Enua mayors and executive officers by the Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) earlier this week was a resounding success.

Making good use of the Pa Enua executive’s continuing presence on Rarotonga due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the luncheon and presentation was held at Ariki Cafe in Avarua and was also attended by Prime Minister and Minister Responsible for CIIC, the Honourable Mark Brown, accompanied by CIIC Associate Minister Albert Nicholas.

Presenting on the work CIIC is involved with across the Pa Enua, CIIC Chairperson Michael Henry outlined the corporation’s vision and plans for the future.

“CIIC has a vast scope of responsibility and contributes in a number of ways to our national vision and our national development sustainability goals,” said Henry.

“A big focus for us moving forward is to work closer as an agency with the Pa Enua and island governments in delivering quality assets that serve our communities.”

Singling out education as a key issue, Henry said CIIC was looking to establish a better working relationship with the Ministry of Education.

“The hope is that both agencies will work together to deliver better schooling infrastructure across our nation,” he explained.

Picking up where Henry left off, CIIC Properties Manager Vasie Poila talked the group through some of the corporation’s core Pa Enua building projects.

“In recent years, we have invested heavily in the Pukapuka Hospital project, as well as in various Atiu building projects, including their Courthouse and Doctor’s Residence,” said Poila. “Over the next year or two we will be working on projects in Mangaia, Manihiki and Rakahanga.”

“We are also looking at streamlining our project pipeline and formalising our programmes of work well in advance,” she added, stressing the need for better communication between CIIC and the various Pa Enua executive members.

“Let’s have constant dialogue with everyone on where you see your infrastructure plans and maintenance needs, now and in the future.”

Speaking on the CIIC asset management programme, Poila again emphasised the importance of working together.

“We will have a small team rolling out this programme over the next two years,” she said.

“We will need to capture all government building assets, define their specifications, conditions and values, and then put this data into a system so we can effectively manage our asset portfolio moving forward, allowing us as a government to have a proactive versus reactive approach.”

CIIC would like to thank the Prime Minister, Minister Nicholas, and all of the Pa Enua mayors and executive officers who attended the luncheon and presentation – this was an extremely worthwhile event, enabling all those present to work more effectively together for the good of the entire nation.

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