CIIC Proud to be a Sponsor of 2021 Tereora Prizegiving


The Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) is extremely proud to have been able to sponsor two important academic awards presented at this year’s Tereora College prizegiving ceremony today.

Congratulations to Tetuaangari Williams (from Pukapuka and Manihiki), winner of the Most Outstanding Student In Level 3 Building & Mathematics award and Mareta Matamaki (from Mangaia, Mauke and Rarotonga) winner of the Excellence In Level 2 Design & Visual Communication award.

Both students are extremely deserving recipients and CIIC looks forward to seeing what the future holds for these exceptional young scholars.

This is the first time CIIC has sponsored academic awards for the Tereora College prizegiving, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of this annual celebration on into the future. Next year we also hope to sponsor the Level 3 Architecture Design award, recognising the achievements of another worthy student.

This year’s awards were both presented by CIIC Designer & Project Officer Sally Hosking Naea, with each award consisting of a beautifully created trophy from Island Craft, along with a cash gift of $100.

Explaining the Corporation’s interest in sponsoring these particular awards, CEO Allan Jensen said that the Tereora College prizegiving ceremony provided the perfect opportunity for CIIC to encourage and recognise the achievements of students wishing to pursue a career in these and similar fields.

“Most of our staff are ex-Tereora College students, some of whom designed and managed the construction of Tereora College’s Technology Centre and Student Research Centre,” said Jensen.

Anne Taoro, CIIC’s General Manager of Asset Development said “our team includes project managers, architects, builders, engineers and designers, and we welcome the opportunity to support students wishing to pursue a career in these fields.

“Helping to build up our next generation of qualified young professionals is a key area of interest for CIIC. The nation has an ambitious infrastructure investment plan, and we need this generation of school leavers to contribute to the nation’s infrastructure plans. I would personally like to encourage students who may be interested in these career pathways and possibly being involved with future CIIC projects to contact us.

“Congratulations again to Tetuaangari Williams and Mareta Matamaki on their achievements this year. They are welcome to come and see us at CIIC any time!”

Mareta Matamaki Year 12, from the Islands Mangaia, Mauke and Rarotonga
Tetuaangari Williams, Year 13 from the Islands of Pukapuka and Manihiki

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