Infrastructure Gets Overdue Facelift

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Two of the countries essential pieces of infrastructure have recently been given a facelift and extension to make them more fit for purpose.

The Tupapa outpatients clinic has been extended to provide a bigger and more comfortable waiting room for members of the public as well as providing safe spaces to deal with potential COVID-19 patients. Meanwhile further works have also been carried out to the building housing the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet room.

“These two projects have been about investing into fit for purpose infrastructure to serve the people of the Cook Islands, and were undertaken in a manner to spread the work around to a number of small contractors during thse COVID-19 ecomomic conditions” said chief executive Allan Jensen.

“The work at the Tupapa clinic has improved conditions in general for staff, and for the delivery of health and clinical services in an environment that is safe for both patients and staff” added the Secretary of Health Bob Williams.

The entrance remains where it is with prescreening taking place outside. The reception area remains where it is (although the reception desk itself has moved to the other side of that room) and so does triage.

The main change is to the waiting room which now extends northwards – on the seaside – with a 12 x 6 metre addition. Earthworks and tree clearing have taken place to allow for this extension.

An area where staff will don and take off and safely discard Personal Protection Equipment – PPE gear – was also built; and a staffroom, which is currently outside under a small veranda will be closed in and made more comfortable.

The work at Tupapa has cost about $250,000.

Meanwhile the building housing the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet room has also undergone a facelift. The former Cabinet Room comprised an area of 38m2, which provided minimal space for Cabinet to undertake its business effectively.

The renovated Cabinet Room is now 165m2, and can effectively house Cabinet and officials who are required to attend meetings and can also be used as an area to host guests. The renovations included the installation of a steel beam erected to support the roof, and to allow the movement of internal walls to increase space and improve conditions in the building and work carried out to the buildings kitchen, bathroom, electrical and data wiring, painting and the installation of a water tank and pump.

“These much needed renovations have resulted in a fit-for-purpose Cabinet meeting room capable of seating larger groups in a more condusive working environment” said chief of staff Ben Ponia.

The renovations at the Office of the Prime Minister cost about $100,000.

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