Inspiring Future Leaders


CIIC participated in the Careers Expo event that was held recently at the National Auditorium. Students from Tereora College and Nukutere College Years 12 & 13, came through and participated in the day’s activities.

The CIIC activity, which involved students forming a team of five, reading a floor plan and building a scale model of the Mental Health Facility (one is currently under construction) from the materials provided. It was an interesting activity because CIIC staff members had the chance to engage with the students, directing them through it and fielding their questions.

Students were given a time limit for the task, and those who completed the construction successfully received awards.

In addition to this activity, CIIC took the opportunity to gather feedback from the students and to collect their contact information for future events. The CIIC team was delighted to discover that a few of the students had an interest in architecture!

The objective of the day was to give the students a better understanding of what infrastructure is all about and the different trades and professions associated with it. Capturing the interest of students and inspiring them to pursue a career in infrastructure is not only beneficial to CIIC, but to the country also. Overall, CIIC is really pleased with the outcome of this year’s Careers Expo 2022 and looks forward to the next one.

by Aumai Teiotu, Intern.

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