Investment in Effective and Evolving Leadership


Since 2018, Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) has delivered a range of governance director training sessions as part of its commitment to better practices within Crown entity boards.

Last month, this year’s first Cross Agency Director Training session took place on Friday 20 May, in collaboration with the Business Trade & Investment Board (BTIB) following an invitation from the Honourable Minister Patrick Arioka.

The Business Trade & Investment Board was in full attendance, as well as representation from the Office of the Public Service Commissioner (OPSC). Topics covered included governance practices, director roles and responsibilities, board culture and dynamics, board strategy, board risk management and board director and CEO performance reviews.

Minister Arioka said, “Board Director Training was a positive opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of our people.”

“It is an opportunity to clear pathways to a better future,” he said.

Eirangi Marsters Insimo and Chairperson of BTIB, said the Board Director Training covered lots of useful tips and insights. Any opportunity to build capacity will only help to strengthen our ability to contribute towards decisions with our people in mind.

CIIC also delivered Governance Training, for all of its Boards across the CIIC Group on Monday 23 May with all of its chairpersons and again on Wednesday 25 May with all of its Directors across the Group.

The topics at the Chairperson Training Session included reminding chairpersons of their roles and responsibilities and reinforcing the importance of maintaining an effective board culture, board succession planning and performance management.

The Director session was well attended with representation from operating entities within the CIIC Group, including the Airport Authority, Avaroa Cable Limited, Bank of the Cook Islands, Ports Authority, Te Aponga Uira, Te Mana Uira O Araura, To Tatou Vai and others. Topics covered were governance, board culture/dynamics, strategy and risk, performance management, financial oversight, and succession planning.

Michael Henry the Chairperson of CIIC said: “The CIIC Group Directorship Training is provided twice yearly to encourage directors to remain current in the governance space, whether you are a seasoned director or a new director.”

The training sessions help directors understand the roles and responsibilities of the board and to build an effective the board culture, Henry said.

TMU Chairperson John Baxter said “CIIC Group Director training helps you enjoy and perform in your role better as you are able to gain a better understanding as to the role you play and the contribution you can make”

CIIC Group Directors represent the interests of the people of the Cook Islands across our Crown Enterprises.

This year’s Governance Director Training was facilitated by Caren Rangi, who has extensive corporate governance experience.

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