COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Te Mana Uira o Araura Phase 2 Electricity Discounts Announced for Aitutaki


The Honourable Mark Brown, Deputy Prime Minister today announced details of the support to be provided by Te Mana Uira o Araura for Aitutaki households and businesses under Phase 2 of the Economic Response Plan. The Phase 1 discounts for Aitutaki comprising of a 100% discounts for households and businesses is due to expire in June, will now continue and be extended for 1 more month, and Phase 2 will be effective from the July meter read will come into effect and expire after the September meter read.

The Deputy Prime Minister said “the Phase 1 and 2 discounts offered by Te Mana Uira o Araura is substantial for Aitutaki, where COVID-19 and the closure of the nation’s borders has a significant impact to Aitutaki’s economy and Aitutaki tourism sector. Over $1m of savings is being granted to Aitutaki households and businesses by Te Mana Uira o Araura across phases 1 and 2, over a 5 month period, a truly remarkable contribution, to keep the Aitutaki economy running and to provide much needed support to households. The phase 2 discounts continue to offer a generous discount to all households and targeted discounts to those businesses who currently receive government support. Every household will be credited for their electricity costs up to $100 each month and every business who currently receives or is eligible to receive government support, will continue to receive a 100% discount, with businesses who do not qualify, receiving a 60% discount, for phase 2 for a 3 month period.”

Mr John Baxter, Chair of Te Mana Uira o Araura, said “Te Mana Uira o Araura has been working extensively with its Parent company, the Cook Islands Investment Corporation and Government on coming up with the financial resources to continue to offer support to Aitutaki households and businesses during these challenging times. I would like to extend our special thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister, the Honourable Mark Brown, on behalf of Te Mana Uira o Araura and its Aitutaki consumers, for Government’s assistance.” Mr Baxter further added that more information will be released to the Aitutaki people and businesses in the near future, though people could feel free to call the office also if required.

Mr Michael Henry, Chair of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, said “Te Mana Uira o Araura’s continued support, similar to Te Aponga’s phase 2 announcement recently, is an example of a concerted effort from Government, the Cook Islands Investment Corporation and its State Owned Enterprises to support the nation and in this case Aitutaki, to collaborate extensively and find innovative solutions, required during these unprecedented times.”

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