Te Aponga Tau Ava O Te Kuki Airani – Cook Islands Ports Authority (PA)


Website: http://www.ports.co.ck/

Directors: Mr Samuel (Sam) Crocombe (Chairperson)
Mr William Kauvai Snr (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr Clive Baxter
Mr William (Bill) Ingram
Mr Timaau Mokoroa
Mr Geoffrey Vazey
Mrs Maeva Henry

Chief Executive: Mr Nooroa (Bim) Tou

The Cook Islands Ports Authority (CIPA) is a Crown owned statutory corporation established in 1995. The principal objectives of the Authority are to promote, encourage and operate a commercially viable and efficient business in the country’s supply chain and develop growth opportunities from its asset base which include Crown land and buildings, wharves, port facilities, tug boats, barges, plant and equipment, storage sheds and open storage space.

To Matou Orama

Kia matutu e te meitaki te tino anga’anga o te tau ava moana no te anga’anga kimi puapinga.

Our Vision

An efficient, safe and sustainable seaport infrastructure to support trade in goods and services

CIPA is the sole sea port services provider maintaining and operating the Port of Avatiu, the alternative Cruise Ship Tender landing in Arorangi, and the Port of Arutanga in Aitutaki. CIPA serves the cross-border supply chain needs of most of the Cook Island’s trade goods.

Performance in 2021/2022:

  • The new tug boat Tiu Te Matangi was delivered and commissioned on May 2022
  • Commencement of wharf decking extension and sheet piling of Arutanga Harbour, Aitutaki
  • Steady decrease in the carbon footprint (GHG Emission) and extension to reporting on Arutanga Harbour in Aitutaki as well
  • Providing relief financial support assistance to rented building tenants, commercial charter boats, subsistence boat operators and food stall vendors
  • CIPA participated in the Education Careers Expo and included hands on experience with the fork lift


  • Implementation of Ports operation digitization project and digitizing cargo operations to improve efficiencies
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to enhance the security and safety of the ports business in capturing incidents plus unauthorized activities
  • Continue to gather date on the Carbon Footprint for the Avatiu Harbour, Rarotonga and the Arutanga Harbour, Aitutaki
  • Investment in a new or second-hand crane (up to 90ton) for Arutanga Port to increase lifting capacity for loading and offloading cargo and lifting barge out of the water for annual hull maintenance
  • Deepening and widening the existing Arutanga harbor channel and basin to provide safer berth for yachts, cruise ship tendering and container vessel cargo discharge operations
  • Arutanga Harbour concrete wharf decking extension and sheet piling continue towards the north
  • Deepening Avatiu Harbour outer entrance and widening the passage

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